Thank you so much for offering to be a part of the CCS Ft. Worth team for the day!

If this is your first time – we look forward to meeting you! And to all of our regulars – welcome back! Whether it’s your 1st or 10th time, here are some tips to make the most of your time volunteering with us and understanding what you can expect.

When you volunteer with us, you can plan to spend your day connecting with our guests and experiencing some unforgettable, goose-bumpy moments. 

Please arrive at your chosen location at 8:30 to get a tour and overview of the operations.

Dress comfortably – you will be outside and likely on your feet during the day. 

Our trailer is set up for use from 8:30 – 12:30 (depending on volume). During that time we’ll provide showers, laundry, haircuts, new clothes, food and compassion to our neighbors currently experiencing homelessness.

Volunteer jobs include: guest sign-in, oversee waiting areas, laundry room, pass out supplies/toiletries/snacks, attempting to locate potential clients in the nearby neighborhoods, and most importantly, taking the time to CONNECT with everyone there. Once you arrive and get checked in, we’ll get you set up with your specific role. 

Talking to our neighbors shouldn’t be any different than talking to your pals. Greet our neighbors with a handshake or a fist bump, learn their name, their story, how their day went, what sports or hobbies they are into, what job skills and aspirations they have. Make them feel like they are the center of someone’s universe, like they matter, like they are not forgotten and that they do have the ability to turn their lives around.

Each volunteer has the option of buying a Cloud Covered Streets volunteer shirt for $20. This helps you stand out as a volunteer, and we also hope you wear it in public to bring awareness of Cloud Covered Streets 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away

We appreciate you and could not do this without you!! Consider adding the event to your calendar (link provided) so you don’t forget to join us. 

Cloud Covered Streets

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