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Robert Thornton

Executive Director
Cloud Covered Streets
(480) 695-0004

Sarah Daniel — Ft. Worth Branch

Communications Director
Cloud Covered Streets
(817) 946-9488


What supplies can we donate?

Please visit our Amazon Wishlist to see what we are currently in need of and these supplies will be shipped directly to our door! Men’s underware, mesh gym shorts and drawstring backpacks are currently at the top of the list. We have plenty of toletrie items at this point in time.

Amazon Link:

How can we get a street team, or shower trailer in our city?
If interested in starting something to help those experiencing homelessness in your city, please email us at


Do you accept gently used clothing?
Thank you for asking, but at Cloud Covered Streets we really enjoy being able to hand out new clothing items. Those on the streets very rarely receive any new items and we love knowing they are getting these items from our nonprofit.
What do those on the streets need the most?
Honestly, I believe that the things most needed are friendship and just showing them respect and common courtesy. One simple thing you can do, is buy a bag of socks, and each time you see someone holding a sign, I guarantee you will bring a smile to their face if you hand them a new pair of socks. Say hello, tell them your name, ask theirs, and if you have time, a simple conversation means the world to those on the streets


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