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We appreciate our donors more than we can express! Every bit helps.

Charity Donation

Cloud Covered Streets is a 501c3 non-profit. 

In Arizona, any donation up to $400 per individual, or $800 per married couple, per calendar year is tax deductible. Please consult your personal accountant with any other questions related to tax credits.

Amazon Wishlist

We also have an Amazon Wishlist with items we are in need of. 🙂

Give a One-Time or Recurring Gift

Your $20 monthly contribution provides an individual like Mountain Man Mike (pictured below) with a hot shower, haircut, new socks/shirt/undergarments, laundry service, and a supply bag.

MountainMike CCS

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About Your Donations, Where & How They are used

Your contributions give those experiencing homelessness the opportunity to have a hot shower, laundry service, a haircut, new clothes, a supply bag, and other items they may be needing.

What supplies can we donate?

Please visit our Amazon Wishlist to see what we are currently in need of and these supplies will be shipped directly to our door! Men’s underware, mesh gym shorts and drawstring backpacks are currently at the top of the list. We have plenty of toletrie items at this point in time.

Amazon Link:

Do you accept gently used clothing?

Thank you for asking, but at Cloud Covered Streets we really enjoy being able to hand out new clothing items. Those on the streets very rarely receive any new items and we love knowing they are getting these items from our nonprofit.

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