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Mobile Trailer
We converted a 22 foot cargo trailer,basically an empty shell, into a four room mobile shower and laundry trailer. Our trailer has two separate rooms in front, each equipped with a full size shower stall. The middle room has two stackable washer/dryer units on one side. On the other side has a desk with a wireless laptop where a member of our team will be available to help fill out job applications, update resumes, or contact loved ones via email. The back end of our trailer folds down to make a ramp that leads to our final room which contains a wheelchair accessible shower.


Our trailer also is employing those experiencing homelessness to help run the trailer. These individuals are hired for two month periods, during which we will work hard to find them a full-time job and housing when their time with us is up. We also have worked hard to collect a large amount of supplies, so we can give out new shirts, new pairs of socks, new underwear, and hygiene bags.

We are very excited to begin work on trailer number two! Check back for updates!

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