Stories from the Streets

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Richard Surprised

When we met Ken he told us about how his wife passed away and he went into a downward spiral. He started drinking, he lost his job, his house, and before he knew it was on the streets. He has been on the streets for a couple years and now is sober and in his spare time he creates art and gives his drawings to children.

When we met Steve, we gave him a new shirt, new pair of socks and toiletry supplies. He said he could not remember the last time he had a new toothbrush. Moments like that meeting with Steve made me realize how important these things we take for granted are for those who are living on the streets.


We came upon Daniel in the park and when we gave him his new shirt, he told us that all his clothing had been stolen a week ago and at that time he did not even own a shirt !!! We spoke for a little about tattoos and he put his head in his hands and started crying because he couldn’t believe we were giving him a new shirt and that we cared about him.

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